A 15 year old monk, who is always hungry.


Ton stands 5’10” tall and weighs around 163 lbs. He is bald, but his eyebrows are blond. His eyes are brown. He is lean and wiry, his build is deceptive compared to his weight. He typically wears an average linen shirt, hemmed neatly at cuffs and collar, over simple linen breaches. His leather shoes have seen a lot of wear, but are still serviceable. He carries two sticks with him, both made of heavy, hardened and exotic wood (bamboo), and crafted with a smooth finish. His backpack is well made, but equally well worn. His bedroll is surprisingly thin, and his possessions few.

Male Human (Ulfen) Monk
Level 4
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 12
Initiative: +4; Senses Perception +9, Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares), Fast Movement, Slow Fall
Hit Dice: (4d8)+16 32 BAB/CMB/CMD: +3; +7 (+9 grapple); 25 (27 vs grapple)
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +6, +2 vs. enchantment spells and effects AC/tch/ff: 19/19/14 (+4 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 deflection, +3 misc, )
Attack: Ranged crossbow, light +7 (1d8/19-20), sling +7 (1d4+3)
Melee kama+6 (1d6+3)
Special Attacks: Flurry of Blows, Ki Pool, Stunning Fist,
Special Qualities: AC Bonus, Fast Movement, Maneuver Training, Slow Fall, Still Mind
Defensive Abilities: Evasion, Still Mind,
Feats: Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Cosmopolitan (Diplomacy, Linguistics), Dodge, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Toughness
Skills: Acrobatics +11, Acrobatics (Jump) +15, Appraise +4, Bluff +3, Climb +10, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (History) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +7, Linguistics(Elven, Kelish, Vudrani) +8, Perception +9, Stealth +9,
Gear: Coin (Copper Piece): 8; Coin (Gold Piece): 37; Coin (Platinum Piece): 2; Coin (Silver Piece): 5; Backpack; Bedrol; Bolts, Crossbow (10); Bullets, Sling (10); Candle; Crossbow, Light; Flint and Stee; Gold Dust (50 gp); Kama; Monk’s Outfit; Traveler’s Outfit; Potion of Cure Light Wounds; Rations (Trail/Per Day); Ring of Protection +1; Silver Dust (7 gp); Sling; Sunrod; Waterskin (Filled)
Languages: Common, Elven, Kelish, Shoanti, Skald, Taldane, Thassilonian, Tien, Vudrani

Ki Powers

Level Cost Effect
4 1 One additional attack at his highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack.
4 1 increase his speed by 20 feet for 1 round.
4 1 grants +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round.
4 1 Unarmed attack becomes /magic (overcoming DR only)
5 1 +20 Acrobatics to jump for 1 round.
7 2 Heal a number of hit points of damage equal to his Monk level as a standard action.
10 1 Unarmed attack becomes /lawful (overcoming DR only)
12 2 Spell-like ability: Dimension door. Caster level = monk level. Target: YOU ONLY!
16 1 Unarmed attack becomes /adamantine (overcoming DR only)
19 3 Spell-like ability: Etherealness. Using this ability is a move-equivalent action. Target: YOU ONLY!

Ton found work with the craftsmen and laborers building the new cathedral. Locals were grateful for another strong back, and a willing hand. His good nature and friendly demeanor made him a natural choice to become a team foreman, and so he met Kivu, and worked with her regularly enough to form a friendship. Ton described himself as a traveler, although he seemed willing to stay at least until the work was done; he told tales of far away lands and spoke languages that belied his fair skin and light brown eyes. He quickly made friends with Ephrey as they share a favored drinking hole, Risa’s Place on Undercliff Way.

Ton’s early years

Ton barely remembers living in Karapesh, in the temple of Sentient Reflection. He was orphaned there by his father, who, claimed his mother died at childbirth. His father was of Ulfen descent and named the boy Jens. The name was badly mangled by the native-Tien speakers at the temple, and so the boy took on the moniker Ton.

When he was 9 he was assigned to serve a master at the temple, who left that year to travel the roads. Pujian (meaning one of enlightenment in Tien) took to traveling along the coast of the Inland sea with the boy in tow. The boy’s talent for languages grew almost as quickly as he did.

When he was 12, Pujian began to head north.

When he was 14, Pujian founded a small temple to enlightenment and law in Magnimar and released the boy from his vows. Ton, now considered an adult, was free to wander the roads for himself.


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