Sheriff Belor Hemlock

A gruff Shoanti lawman


Fighter 4
CG Male Humanoid (Human)
Init +0 Perception +2
AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16
hp 32
Fort +5, Reflex +2, Will +1 (+1 vs Fear)
Defensive Abilities
Spd 30 ft., CMB 8, CMD 20
Melee Longsword +9 (1d8+6), Dagger +8 (1d4+4)
Ranged Composite Longbow (+4) +5 (1d8+4)
STR 18(+4), DEX 13(+1), CON 13(+1), INT 11, WIL 10, CHA 11
Skills Acrobatics -4, Appraise +0, Bluff +0, Climb +6, Diplomacy +0, Heal +0, Intimidate +7, Perception +0, Ride +3, Sense Motive +0, Stealth -4; Survival +0, Swim -1
Special Attacks
Armor and Shield proficiency. Bravery, Armory Training
Catch-off-Guard (no penalties for improvised melee weapons; unarmed opponents are flat-footed against these attacks); Combat Reflexes; Dodge; Power Attack (-2 ATK/+4 dmg); Weapon Focus (Longsword); Weapon Specialization (Longsword)
3 gp, 18 sp, 21 cp
Longsword, sheath, Composite bow (str +4), 40 arrows, quiver, 8 silver arrows, 2 daggers. Light steel shield.
1 cure moderate wounds potion, Chalk, 1 piece, belt pouch, waterskin, mug (silver lined), signal whistle.


Belor Hemlock is the sheriff of the Varisian town of Sandpoint. He replaced the previous sheriff, Casp Avertin, who was killed by mass-murderer Chopper in 4702 AR.[1]

Originally a member of the Shriikirri-Quah tribe of the Shoanti, Belor abandoned his heritage when he took on the role of sheriff, changing his last name from its native Viskalai to the Chelish translation of Hemlock, much to the dismay of his brother Garridan.[2]

Hemlock is romantically involved with Kaye Tesarani, the proprietor of Sandpoint’s local brothel. Although this is not public knowledge, it is not as secret an affair as either would like, and has further strained the sheriff’s relationships with the more conservative and traditional families in town.[1]

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Sheriff Belor Hemlock

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