wayfarer's tailcoat

Aura faint abjuration, conjuration and transmutation; CL 5
Slot shoulders; Price 2,200 gp; Weight 1 oz.

A boon to winged followers of Desna, this lightweight red silk tailcoat protects its wearer against some of the hazards and discomforts of outdoor travel while discreetly concealing a wearer’s wings when such are folded down or allowing them to be spread freely as needed. The wearer resists hot and cold environments as if affected by an endure elements spell. Furthermore, the coat sheds precipitation, keeping dry the area of the body covered by the coat (head to knees). In addition, three times per day, the wearer can reach into one of the pockets of the coat and pull out trail rations sufficient to feed himself. From another pocket, the wearer may withdraw a stoppered 1-quart metal flask that produces either pure cool water or hot honeyed tea. The flask produces up to two gallons of liquid per day. The flask only refills if placed back in the pocket of the coat; if separated from the coat or wearer, it has no magical properties. Finally, this garment offers magic protection in the form of a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will).

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, endure elements,
create food and water and resistance
Cost 1,100 gp

Adapted from Magic of Faerûn, page 166.

wayfarer's tailcoat

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