Sin Magic

Sins and Schools(1):

More details can be found in “Inner Sea Magic” page 17.

The seven schools of rune magic are wealth, fertility, honest pride, abundance, eager striving, righteous anger, and well-deserved rest. Those are corrupted to greed, lust, pride, gluttony, envy, wrath, and sloth for sin magic; as used by the Runelords of Ancient Thassilon.

“There isn’t really “rune magic” in Golarion. Not yet, at least. If and when we DO do something with “rune magic” though… it’ll be connected to Lissala and that means connected with Thassilonian Magic.” – James Jacobs (Creative Director)

Envy (Abjuration): The art of suppressing magic other than your own.
Prohibited Schools: evocation, necromancy.

Gluttony (Necromancy): Magic that manipulates the physical body to provide for an unending hunger for life.
Prohibited Schools: abjuration, enchantment.

Greed (Transmutation): Magically transforming things into objects of greater value or utility, and enhancing the physical self.
Prohibited Schools: enchantment, illusion.

Lust (Enchantment): Magically controlling and dominating other creatures to satisfy your desires, and manipulating others’ minds, emotions, and wills.
Prohibited Schools: necromancy, transmutation.

Pride (Illusion): Perfecting your own appearance and domain through trickery and illusions.
Prohibited Schools: conjuration, transmutation.

Sloth (Conjuration): Calling agents and minions to perform your deeds for you, or creating what you need as you need it. Prohibited Schools: evocation, illusion.

Wrath (Evocation): Mastery of the raw destructive power of magic, and channeling those destructive forces. Prohibited Schools: abjuration, conjuration.

References Taken from this thread on the Paizo forums.

Sin Magic

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