Sandpoint Market

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On most days, Sandpoint’s marketplace is empty save for the odd group of children who enjoy using the wide-open area to play whistleball or other games. Twice a week, the market fills with vendors.

At the start of each week, the farmer’s market radically increases the daily selection of goods available at the Grocer’s Hall, while all day at the end of the week merchants from Magnimar, Galduria, Nybor, Wartle, and beyond take part in the Town Market.

h3. Rules

Goods purchased at the Town Market adhere to Sandpoint’s 800 gp limit, but prices are generally 75% of the regular asking price.

If anyone wants to buy any mundane item (including masterworks), and the total retail price is 800gp or less, the price is 75% of retail during market day.

Anything, short of gems or coins, can be purchased at 75% of retail during market day. In some cases, it may be cheaper to purchase individual ingredients and then hire a craftsman to make the item (mundane or magical). Exceptions to this will be made on a case-by-case basis (based on an attempt to be logical about what might be available in a market place in a small (but well visited) town on the edge of civilization.

If anyone wants to buy a specific magical item, and the total retail price is 800gp or less, there is a 50% chance that the market might have it. If they have it the price is 75% of retail.

There is also a random assortment of goods in the market:

  • Any 1st level scroll (75% chance)
  • Any 2nd level scroll (50% chance)
  • Any 3rd level scroll (10% chance)
  • Any potion (50% chance)
  • Any wand (10% chance)
  • Wonderous items (costing less than 800 gp, 10% chance)

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Sandpoint Market

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