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Welcome to the Rise of the Runelords wiki. It was designed for the Sihedron, a group of Montreal roleplayers who meet every two weeks. These pages contain various bits of information from numerous sources, compiled as a single point of reference for my players.


  • Home Page – This page.
  • XP totals – the list of XPs earned by the party thus far.
  • Adventures – A link to the adventure log.
  • Rule Additions – A vain attempt to keep track of all the non-PF SRD rules used in the game.

Other pages of note

  • Formatting Help. Some notes I've been keeping regarding how to do things on the wiki and character pages.
  • Golorian Calendar for this campaign. Shows the months, days, moon phases, weather and lists events from the adventure log.
  • Other ROTRL campaigns. Links to other ROTRL campaigns. Players please proceed with extreme caution, as this page links to many spoilers.
  • The Sihedron’s Library. A list of the master collection of books stored at Jorgenfist by the Sihedron; collected through their adventures.
  • Sin Magic. A brief explanation.

Main Page

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