Tag: deceased


  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu

    The estranged stepfather of Tsuto Kaijitsu, he is rumored to have murdered his wife. Murdered, in turn, by Tsuto on the 3rd of Rova, 4707 AR.

  • Pietre

    Murdered by Tsuto Kaijitsu's accomplices when caught observing the theft of the late father Tobyn's remains from the Boneyard in the early morning hours of the 2nd of Rova 4707 A.R. Found mutilated and staked on the beach near the Sandpoint Glassworks the …

  • Xaliasa

    The original overseer of the Catacombs of Wrath beneath Sandpoint, Alaznist was a devotee of Lamashtu and servant of Runelord Alaznist who imprisoned and experimented upon captives; warping their bodies with vile magics. Erylium served him as a familiar. …

  • Malfeshnakor

    Former general of Xaliasa's sinspawn army. Was captured by Karzoug's cohorts while leading a military campaign. He was imprisoned in the head of the Runelord's colossus, survived its destruction and was subsequently forgotten following the fall of …

  • Jervis "Chopper" Stoot

    When Jervis Stoot made clear his intentions to build a home on the island just north of the Old Light, locals paid him no mind. Jervis had already garnered something of a reputation as an eccentric for his one-man crusade to carve depictions of birds …

  • Father Ezakien Tobyn

    The late priest of Sandpoint's old Chapel and Nualia's adoptive father, he was killed following the "Late Unpleasantness" by his vengeful daughter when she set fire to the chapel in a bid to escape. His remains were stolen from the Boneyard by Tsuto …

  • Gogmurt

    Refused to surrender to the Sihedron when he learned of Warchief Ripnugget and Tangletooth, his fire pelt animal companion, deaths. He was subsequently captured and brought back to Sandpoint in chains on the 6th of Rova 4707 AR and subsequently executed …

  • Bruthazmus

    A forlorn bugbear taken in and systematically corrupted by Erylium in the Catacombs of Wrath and hired on by Nualia. Slain on the 5th of Rova, 4707 AR at Thistletop by the Sihedron for his role in the raid on Sandpoint.

  • Banny Harker

    He is known to work the night-shift at the [[Lumber Mill | Sandpoint Lumber Mill]]. Locals know he was dating [[:120731 | Katrine Vinder]], but her father ([[:120732 | Ven Vinder]]) did not.