Sihedron Library

The contents of the Sihedron's great library at Jorgenfist


Foxglove general topics book collection +11
– dozens of atlases, bestiaries & other books (150 gp)

Ordikan’s arcana (transmutation & constructs) +5 (5,000 gp)
Kazaven’s arcana (necromancy) book collection +21
– Kazaven’s arcana (necromancy) book collection +21
– Kazaven’s lichdom, undead & phylactery creation notes (Thassilonian)
– Vorel Foxglove’s arcana (necromancy) 12 volume set
– Alchymyc school of magic pamphlets
– Vraxeris’s journal with clone spell research notes (Thassilonian)(1,500 gp)

Therassic history (Thassilon) book collection +101:
Lord of Wealth—Karzoug’s Trade and Conquests, 4 vol. (Thassilonian)
An Account of Holdings of Greater Shalast, 6 vol. (Thassilonian)
The future of the Empire that will be, 6 vol. (Thassilonian)
– Nualia & Lyrie’s Thasilonian history research notes
Foxglove history (general) book collection +41
Legends of Lucky Farouq, 4 vol. (Vurdani)
The Booke of Hours, 2 vol. (Vurdani)
The Eight Scrolls, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
Shrine Wall Writings in Varisia, 5 vol. (Vurdani)
The story of the accidental god, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The History of Golorion, 8 vol. (Vurdani)
Legends and Rumors of Earthfall, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
What Was Earthfall, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The founding of Tar Taargadth, 2 vol. (Vurdani)
Tar Taargadth, Politics and People, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Quest for the Sky, 2 vol. (Vurdani)
And What of the Darklands, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
From the Quest to the Citadels, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Osirion, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Shattered World, 5 vol. (Vurdani)
From before Absalom, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
From Osirion to Absalom, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The fall of Ydersius, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
Absalom, The early years, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
Lands of the Linnorm Kings, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Nex-Geb War, 1 vol. (Kelish)
The Tarrasque Invasion, 1 vol. (Taldane)
The Defeat of the Tarrasque, 1 vol. (Osirian)
What the Tarrasque left, 4 vol. (Taldane)
The Age of Destiny (revised), 1 vol. (Vurdani)
Absalom Reckoning, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Death of Aroden, 4 vol. (Vurdani)
The test of the Starstone, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Nation of Andoran, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Nation of Cheliax, 6 vol. (Vurdani)
Infernal Cheliax, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Kingdom of Taldor, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Oath Wars, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Whispering Tyrant, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
Lastwall and the lich king, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Last days of Molthune, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Everwar, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The death of a god, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The Nex-Geb War, 1 vol. (Vurdani)
The First Mendevian Crusade, 1 vol. (Vurdani)

Therassic theology (Peacock Spirit) book collection +201
Ordikan’s theology (transmutation & constructs) +5 (5,000 gp)
Foxglove theology (general) book collection +41
Halls of Gluttony’s theology (undead) book collection +21:
Journeys of Agar (Thassilonian)
Cyclopedia on the Marrish Culture, by Wyrlanera Gravgath the Vile (Thassilonian)
The Life of Carpad Belurr the Younger (Thassilonian)
The Death of Agfora Sellan the White, by Venlor the Unwashed, 4 vol. (Thassilonian)
The Lexicon on Ancient Necromancy (Thassilonian)
The Tome on Astrology and Astronomy, 20 scrolls (Thassilonian)
History of Artifacts and Relics (Thassilonian)
History of Daemonology (Thassilonian)
The Book of Forbidden Magic, by Damardordia (Thassilonian)
Codex on the Hassitic Culture, by Stalmyr Yaradaara the IV (Thassilonian)
History of Marrish Architecture, by Matla Igniper the Great (Thassilonian)
Tomes on Eastern Religion, 20 scrolls (Thassilonian)
History of Dwarven Weapons (Thassilonian)
The After-Life of Werfor Maranla, by Lyres Hagalmar (Thassilonian)
Kanare’s Book of the Heavens (Thassilonian)
The Life of Kelhan, by Sayna Eddaara the Great (Thassilonian)
Travels of Tirpon Vidanos the Elder (Thassilonian)
Tirorara of Talasmarr’s Tome of Dancing (Thassilonian)
The Life of Gravdua the Mad (Thassilonian)
Gadia’s Grimoire on the Sea (Thassilonian)

Mokmurian’s stone giant engineering book collection +21 (Giant)
– Fiendish dam engineering manifesto (Taldane)

Traver Foxglove’s geography book collection +21
– sea charts, maps & etchings of Varisian megaliths
– maps of the Hook Mountain region
– map of the Riddleport’s secret tunnels
– map of Viperwall
– map of the Lurkwood

1 Circumstantial bonus applied to related Knowledge checks.


Sihedron Library

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