Revelation Quill

A surprisingly heavy quill made from a peacock's feather.


The quill is fashioned from a peacock’s tail feather. Its nib is made of bone and when held in hand the quill seems strangely heavy. If placed in an empty vial or other glass container of similar size and left there for an hour, a revelation quill fills that container with ink. The ink created is of a random color 50% of the time—otherwise the ink is black.

While a revelation quill can certainly function as a standard writing implement, its true strength lies in its ability to answer questions you pose.

Once per day, if you concentrate upon a specific future goal, event, or activity occurring within a week, the revelation quill takes over and writes out a short phrase in response, often in the form of a cryptic rhyme or omen, much in the same way the divination spell functions.

Once per week, you may use the quill in the same way to cast contact other plane instead, asking up to 10 questions of the intelligence that guides the revelation quill.

Aura strong divination; CL 20th Slot held; Weight 3 lb.


The first revelation quills were created by the order of the Peacock Spirit. Since the fall of Thassilon, the method for creating them has been lost. The few revelation quills that remain today continue to function, drawing their revelations, it is said, from the Peacock Spirit itself.

The quill was found in the hand of the “Scribbler” in the forgotten quadrant of the catacombs beneath Sandpoint.

Revelation Quill

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