Treana stands 5’6” tall and weighs around 120 lbs. She has medium-length brown hair with light green eyes. Her elven heritage is visible predominantly in her build, with narrowed features and elongated ears. Her body is thin and wiry, while still carrying a fair bit of muscle. She typically wears a linen shirt with simple hemming along the cuffs, collar, and lower edge; all under studded leather armour. She carries a shortsword on her left hip and a shortbow on her back. Her backpack is well worn, and often full with supplies and rations. She makes her own arrows, often with whatever feathers she can find on the cheap.

Medium Female Half-Elf
Ranger 13
Deity Ketephys / Valani
Homeland Varisia

HP: 121 (13d10)+59
Initiative: +10; Senses Low-light vision; Perception 21
Speed: Walk 30 ft.

AC 29 (flatfooted 23, touch 20)
Base Atk +13/+8/+3; CMB +16/+11/+6; CMD 36
Hellfire Composite Strength bow +3 +24/+19/+14; 1d8+6;
Masterwork Handaxe +17/+12/+7; 1d6+3;
Sandpoint Sihedron Dagger +1 (Silver) +17/+12/+7; 1d4+3; (Silver/Thrown) +20/+15/+10; 1d4
Special +6 vs Humanoid (Giant); +2 vs Humanoid (Goblinoid); +2 vs Undead

Fortitude: +17, Reflex: +18, Will: +11
STR 16 (+3), DEX 22 (+6), CON 19 (+4), INT 15 (+2), WIS 17 (+3), CHA 14 (+2)
Craft (Bows) 8;
Diplomacy 13;
Handle Animal 24;
Heal 8;
Intimidate 9;
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 13;
Knowledge (Geography) 10;
Knowledge (Local) 8;
Knowledge (Nature) 18;
Linguistics(Thassilonian) 7;
Perception 21;
Ride 11;
Spellcraft 8;
Stealth 27;
Survival 19;
Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Deadly Aim, Endurance, Far Shot, Focused Shot, Improved Initiative, Improved Precise Shot, Manyshot, Martial Weapon Proficiency Output, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Skill Focus (Handle Animal), Weapon Focus (Longbow)
Traits: Ease of Faith, Resilient
Languages: Common, Elven, Goblin, Thassilonian, Varisian
Special Qualities: Adaptability (Ex), Aiding Attack (Ex), Animal Companion (Ex), Camouflage (Ex), Distracting Attack (Ex), Elf Blood (Ex), Elven Immunities (Ex), Evasion (Ex), Favored Terrain (Forest), (Mountain), (Underground) (Ex), Hunter’s Tricks, Keen Senses (Ex), Multitalented (Ex), Quarry (Ex), Ranger’s Counsel (Ex), Swift Tracker (Ex), Tangling Attack (Ex), Track (Ex), Wild Empathy (Ex), Woodland Stride (Ex)
Possessions: Arrow (20, Raining), Arrow (9, Adamantine), Arrow (10, Alchemical Silver, Broad), Arrow (6, Shocking Burst), Arrows (20), Arrows (100/Cold Iron, Broad), Artisan's Tools (Bows), Backpack, Bedroll, Belt of Physical Might (DEX/CON) +6, Bracers of Archery, Lesser, Cloak of Traveling Elven Resistance +4, Efficient Quiver, Hellfire Composite Strength bow +3, Lamp (Common), Masterwork Handaxe, Mithral Shirt +5, Oil (1 Pint Flask), Explorer's Outfit, Periapt Inspired Wisdom +2, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Rations (Trail/Per Day), Ring of Animal Friendship, Ring of Protection +4, Sandpoint Sihedron Dagger +1 (Silver), Waterskin (Filled)
Treasure: Coin (Platinum Piece): 500[Backpack] Coin (Gold Piece): 260, Coin (Silver Piece): 47, Coin (Copper Piece): 7


Treana Schoring had been traveling the coast along Varisian bay for the past few years. Her family lives in the hinterlands of Sandpoint, where her father is a farmer who owns a few acres of land. His two sons (Albertus and Nicolas) work the land alongside of him while his only daughter became an animal handler, hunter and tracker. Her mother, Sashana, passed away ten years ago in a fire that erupted during a goblin attack. Her mother’s death has lead Treana to develop a keen sense of hatred for all goblins. She came to Sandpoint as much for the Swallowtail festival as to meet up with Elshbeth, who is always willing to treat a childhood friend to a meal. When in town she often looked up Ephrey because he knows the best (and cheapest) places to stay and drink. His local contacts assure Treana’s pay lasts as long as possible.

The Family

Richard Schoring grew up in the hinterlands. His father was a Chelaxian traveler who fell in love with a local girl (Trean Hollis). When Trean’s father’s farm suffered from a series of debilitating cricies (fire, pig disease, goblin raid), Antonius the wanderer was there to help rebuild, find new live stock and defend the homestead. While some wondered about the timing; Trean was smitten and the Hollis eventually accepted him as a son-in-law. The wedding was in the spring, when the the few friends and family in the region could gather. Antonius had a few friends from nearby Magnamar visit and the Hollis invited all their neighbors for the event.

Richard was born 8 months after the wedding. He was the first of four children. Amex, Pietre, and Sula. Richard met Sashana at a harvest festival in the hinterlands. Her family, the Palmers, owns land at the outer eastern edge of the hinterlands. The Hollis and the Palmers got along well, and it was expected that Richard and Sashana would wed long before the announcement was made.

The Palmers treat Richard’s children like their own, and the two families are very close; but Richard is uncomfortable visiting.

Sula married a shopkeeper in Magnamar and is now the grandmother of a small brood. Amex died in a goblin raid defending a caravan when he was in his 30s. Pietre owns a farm near to Richard’s. Far away enough that visits are infrequent. His wife, Burena is a mousy woman who has had eight children thus far. Richard thinks little of her, but stays close because family was important to Sashana.


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