A very small fellow with a very big hat

Male spryte1 sorcerer 4 / oracle 1 / mystic theurge 11
NG Tiny fey
Deity Desna
Homeland Varisia
Init +14; Senses low-light vision; darkvision 160 ft.,
blindsense 80 ft.; Perception +212

AC 35, touch 27, flat-footed 23
(+12 Chr, +2 size, +3 deflection, +5 armor, +3 shield)
hp 124 (16 HD; 15d6+1d8+64) (1d10+10+30 temporary hp)
Fort +12, Ref +20, Will +16
(+2 on saves vs severe heat, breath weapons, cloud vapors and gases)
Immune critical hits, sneak attacks; Resist fire 20; SR 18
Weaknesses oracle’s curse (haunted)

Speed 20 ft., Swim 20 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Ranged tiny bolt +13 (1d4) or small bolt +11 (1d6)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 16th; Concentration +28)
4 minutes/day—shadow mask
Keyed spell Harrow deck

The Inquisitor – greater dispel magic6
The Unicorn – summon monster VII6

The Keep – geomancy5
The Wanderer – teleport5
The Waxworks – hold monster5 (DC 27)

The Beating – primal fetters4 (app. & enl.)
The Brass Dwarf – com. pro. from energy4 (ext.)
The Cricket – dimension door4
The Empty Throne – speak with dead4 (DC 24)
The Foreign Trader – missive token4
The Joke – control summoned creature4 (DC 25)
The Lost – confusion4 (enl.; DC 25)
The Marriage – com. tongues4
The Peacock – dimensional tether4
The Survivor – remove curse4
The Vision – arcane concordance4 (ext.)

The Demon’s Lantern – wisp swarm3 (DC 24)
The Forge – make whole3
The Publican – cubby3
The Rabbit Prince – gallant inspiration3
The Trumpet – bestow grace3 (ext.)

The Dance – hoarfrost2 (DC 23)
The Owl – speak with animals2
Arcane Spells Known (CL 16th; Concentration +28)
7th (6/day)— ?, ?
6th (8/day)— contingency, dissolution (DC 28), quell, ?, ?
5th (8/day)—aeromancy (DC 27), changeling (DC 27), dragonsight, essence of fire, quintelemental blast (DC 27), snatch breath (DC 27)
3rd (9/day)—essence of water, lightning strike (DC 25), mantra, sinkhole (DC 25), trinketry, slow (DC 25)
Bloodline Shadow3
Divine Spells Known (CL 16th; Concentration +28)
6th (5/day)—heal (DC 28), soothing word II (DC 28)
4th (9/day)—dreaming, faze, quickening, soothing touch IV (DC 26)
3rd (9/day)—empower, fortuity, lapse (DC 25), soothing touch III (DC 25), stone shape
0 (at will)—augur, assess (DC 22), cloudburst/wellspring, far-reaching, focus, kenning (DC 22), light, luck (DC 22), mending (DC 22), scribe, susurrus (DC 22)
Mystery Lore

Str 7, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 20, Wis 12, Chr 34
Base Atk +7/+2; CMB +9; CMD 22
(CMD 30 to resist a bull rush, overrun, or trip combat maneuver)
Feats Alertness2, Alternate Source Spell, Eschew MaterialsB Skills Acrobatics (jump) +14, Diplomacy +31, Escape Artist +9,
Fly +12, Intimidate +16, Knowledge (Arcana) +24, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +9, Knowledge (Geography) +9, Knowledge (History) +9, Knowledge (Local) +9, Knowledge (Nature) +9, Knowledge (Planes) +9, Knowledge (Religion) +11, Linguistics +13, Perception +21, Perform (Wind Instruments) +14, Sense Motive +32, Spellcraft +24, Stealth +31, Swim +6, Use Magic Device +31
Traits Magical Knack (sorcerer), Rich Parents
Languages Aquan, Auran, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Ignan,
Sylvan, Taldane, Terran, Thassilonian, Varisian
SQ water breathing
Potions, oils & salves
3 potions of cure light wounds
3 potions of cure moderate wounds
potion of cure serious wounds
potion of displacement
2 potions of heroism
2 potions of remove disease
potion of remove paralysis
potion of sanctuary
oil of purify food and drink
stone salve

scroll of greater restoration (CL 15)
scroll of regeneration (CL 15)
scroll of slay living (CL 15)
2 scrolls of heal (CL 11)
scroll of mass planar adaptation (CL 11)
scroll of break enchantment (CL 10)
3 scrolls of hallow (CL 9)
scroll of breath of life (CL 9)
scroll of globe of invulnerability (CL 9)
2 scrolls of plane shift (CL 9)
rifle scroll of arcane concordance (CL 7)
scroll of restoration (CL 7)
scroll of remove blindness/deafness (CL 5)
scroll of remove curse (CL 5)
scroll of see invisibility (CL 3)
scroll of whispering wind (CL 3)
scroll of comprehend languages (CL 1)
199 shadow sepia snake sigil notes (CL 9)

wand of cure light wounds, super (50 ch.)
wand of cure light wounds (50 ch.)
wand of erase (50 ch.)
wand of greater blindsight (38 ch.)
wand of lesser restoration (49 ch.)
wand of object loresight (50 ch.)
wand of resurgence (50 ch.)

Special Substances & Items
3 flasks of alchemist’s fire
3 vials of antiplague
1 vial of antitoxin
3 tanglefoot bags (4 lb. ea.)
3 flasks of holy crystal dust (1 lb. ea.)
3 thunderstones (1 lb. ea.)
2 Varisian idols
Tree feather token

Missive Tokens
Chaplain Ronnova’s whistle
Velani Krinst’s wooden coin
Lamatar Whitewillows’s acorn

blue dragon’s eye

Gear Brow gem of alluring charisma +6 (1 oz.), amulet of mighty
constitution +4 (1 oz.), gloves of incredible dexterity +2 (1 oz.), Thassilonian rune of inspiration, robe of the archmagi (evil, +4 bonus to Int instead of saving throws), ensorcelled robe of runes (1 oz.), handy stocking cap (7 lb. 8 oz.), minor cloak of displacement (1 oz.), traveler’s tailcoat of resistance +4 (1 oz.), gem of seeing, ring of revelation, Sihedron ring, knowstone ring of feather fall, mithral buckler of arrow deflection +2, silver butterfly holy symbol buckle with 2 prayer beads of karma, revelation quill, portable hole, bag of holding , sending stone, leyfinder, metamagic rod of greater quicken, metamagic rod of lesser extend, everburning torch, eternal candle, silk breaches, silk shirt, slippers, flask (1 lb.), 11 lodestones, mw manacles with good lock (2 lb.), mw pan pipes (3 oz), playing cards (1 lb.), game board (2 lb.), cooking kit (2 lb.), 5 sacks (8 oz. ea.), parchment (75 sheets), twine (50 ft.; 8 oz.), vial of ink, vial of glowing ink, ink pen, winter blanket (3 oz.)
Treasure 0 pp, 41 gp, 15 sp, 4 cp, 2 moonstones (50 gp)
pair of silver earrings (25 gp ea.), silver holy symbol of Desna (25 gp), sihedron ’dignity’ mw silver dagger (medium, 1 lb.), gold & silver sihedron key (100 gp), Therassic adamantine scroll tube (1,200 gp), ivory & jade scroll tube (300 gp), set of ivory runestones (1,400 gp), wyverns’ fire opal (200 gp), illuminated manuscript: The Syrpents Tane (500 gp), 8 scrolls: The Eight Scrolls (Holy Text), 4 volumes: Lord of Wealth—Karzoug’s Trade and Conquests, 6 volumes: An Account of Holdings of Greater Shalast , 3 volumes: The future of the Empire that will be

Bloodline Arcana Aubrey can make a Stealth check with a
-5 penalty to cast any spell in the illusion school without it being noticed. If he is successfully using Stealth at the time, he remains hidden. If Aubrey is in plain sight then he remains visible, but his spellcasting goes unnoticed.
Wall of Darkness (Su) As a standard action, Aubrey can
coalesce a 10-foot square wall of darkness within 30 feet. This barrier lasts for 1 round and obscures vision, providing concealment in both directions. Though it does not physically obstruct or impede anything attempting to move through it, a creature passing through the wall must succeed on a Will save (DC 12+ Aubrey’s Charisma modifier) or become dazed for the remainder of its turn. Although the wall continues to obscure vision, once a creature has been dazed it remains immune to this effect for one day. Aubrey can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3+ his Charisma modifier.
Shadow Mask (Sp) Aubrey can draw the shadows around
himself to conceal his presence. When he activates this power he gains a +3 enhancement bonus to Stealth checks. He may use the shadow mask up to 4 minutes per day. These minutes do not need to be consecutive, but they must be spent in 1-minute increments.
Haunted (Ex) Malevolent spirits follow Aubrey wherever he
goes, causing minor mishaps and strange occurrences (such as unexpected breezes, small objects moving on their own, and faint noises). Retrieving any stored item from his gear requires a move action, unless it would normally take longer.
Sidestep Secret (Su) Aubrey’s innate understanding of the
universe has granted him preternatural reflexes and the uncanny ability to step out of danger at the very last second. He adds his Charisma modifier (instead of his Dexterity modifier) to his Armor Class and all Reflex saving throws.
Combined Spells (Su) Aubrey can cast spells from one of
his base classes using the available slots from the other base class. Spells cast in this way take up a slot one level higher than they originally occupied. This ability cannot be used to cast a spell at a lower level if that spell exists on both spell lists. As a 11th level mystic theurge, Aubrey can prepare maximum 6th-level spells from one of his spellcasting classes using the 7th-level slots of the other spellcasting class. The components of these spells do not change, but they otherwise follow the rules for the spellcasting class used to cast the spell.
Spell Synthesis (Su) Aubrey can cast two spells, one from
each of his spellcasting classes, using one action. Both of the spells must have the same casting time. He can make any decisions concerning the spells independently. Any target affected by both of the spells takes a –2 penalty on saves made against each spell. Aubrey receives a +2 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance with these two spells. He may use this ability once per day.

Experience Points 969,831; Next Level 1,300,000

1 Utilizing the Spryte racial traits from Arcana Evolved, p. 22,